"Keith's creative mind brings depth, beauty, and story to still imagery. His ability to capture the aesthetic of landscapes and textures on aluminum mediums is remarkable. I own multiple prints of his work and each one never fails to turn heads."
Tony S. - (Cinematographer)


"My other half and I rarely agree on art. When we merged households, this was a little bit of an issue so ours walls remained bare. Then we discovered your photography.... Hallelujah!  We both gravitated to the same shots and realized, whatever it is you see on your adventures and capture with your lens, it speaks to both of us. Actually, it speaks to our kids and house guests too. Our "Keith Pieces" capture their attention and thought. We have often found friends/family running their hands across the large aluminum piece-- I love that it pulls them in so much, they can't help themselves!  As we continue to remodel, we look forward to your talent being throughout our home. Thank You!"
Michele H. - (Designer)


The portraits that we have had the pleasure to view are truly remarkable. They show Arizona through a lens that sometimes is forgotten to look through. Keith’s eye  and perspective on day to day items and places that we take for granted is quite inspiring. The emotion that his talent can evoke is incredibly profound and can be changed with just a flick of color or heightened saturation or contrast. We feel honored that we have been able to see his journey and how he has grown and opened our eyes to the beauty of imperfection or oddity. From the various interpretations on a high gloss medium to a more industrial aluminum approach, the options are limitless for the perfect piece for your specific need or application. Our showroom in Old Town Scottsdale is proud to show the talents of a local artist, and I use the word artist, as the end result of each photograph is true artistry. We are excited to see his adventures and travels through his camera lens. One could only aspire to see the world with as much clarity as represented in his work.
Philip J.. - (Palavela Home)