Frequestly Asked Questions

Q:  Your visual style is a bit strange, many of the images have a surreal quality, are they real....are you using Photoshop?

A:  All images are 100% real, the effects come from the shooting style Keith uses as well as utilization of other software programs to enhance certain aspects.  AT NO TIME IS ANY CONTENT ARTIFICIALLY INSERTED INTO THE WORK.  Keith's goal is to take the real-world visuals on the scene and emphasize certain existing characteristics while minimizing others, this is what leads to the effects seen in his work.


Q:  Are your shots staged or otherwise set-up?

A:  95% of the time NO.  There are certain times utilizing long exposure or other circumstances/techniques where some planning or coordination is required, but Keith's mission is to explore, discover, and capture whatever is happening wherever he is.  Many of the shots in the Industrial/Rustic gallery look like they may have been fabricated or staged, however Keith takes great pains to not alter or disturb these sites as they often retain significant meaning to others, and it's all around poor form to do so. 


Q:  Do you have other materials available besides aluminum?

A:  Yes, we are able to provide prints on both canvas and high quality photographic paper, however the gallery pieces have been specifically selected to partner with the aluminum substrate and provide the most stunning effects and finished pieces.  Please contact us for inquiries into alternative materials, we are always open to exploring all options.


Q:  What if the image is "close" to what I'm looking for but isn't quite perfect?

A:  Our goal is for you to absolutely love your Random-AZ artwork, with this in mind we are more than happy to adjust certain characteristics to your liking.  Common areas include Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation, and in some cases Re-Cropping or otherwise slightly modifying the original image.  Please contact us if you see something you think may be just a tweak or two away from your perfect piece.


Q:  What if the subject matter or series is interesting, but the gallery shots aren't what I'm looking for?

A:  Keith has trimmed down years of shoots and thousands of images to produce the Random-AZ galleries.  Many top quality shots did not make the website due to size restrictions or other issues not related to worthiness.  If you're interested in exploring the archives please contact us.


Q:  Why are there only 4 sizes, and why their dimensions approximate?

A:  As you may have noticed, when Keith shoots and edits his images he doesn't produce a uniform aspect ratio in his pieces.  Some shots may be perfectly square at 1:1, others a more standard 4:3, while some stretch to 16:9 and beyond.  These variations have led to production and pricing methods that must be flexible yet simple.  This is why the product descriptions and other pages outlining the "4 Size" approach we have taken and you can see below......

Prints are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Final dimensions will vary based on image proportions and cropping. However the LONGEST dimension of the image is as follows:
Small - ~20"
Medium - ~26"
Large - ~40"
Extra Large - ~50"


Q:  Why is/isn't tax applied to my purchase?

A:  Only Arizona residents are charged a 7.95% sales tax.


Q:  What kind of equipment does Keith use when shooting?

A:  During his travels and within the Random-AZ website you'll see a variety of devices and equipment being used by Keith.  Anything from a cell phone, to a Go-Pro, to a high end DSLR can produce the desired image.  Just like a carpenter or mechanic, using the right tool for the job is the most important aspect when shooting in locations that are often very remote, dynamic, or dangerous.


Q:  How often is the gallery refreshed and new content generated?

A:  Keith is constantly shooting, traveling, or planning the next opportunity for both.  Check back often as Keith will be uploading and refreshing on an ongoing basis.


Q:  What if there is something specific I'd like shot?

A:  Commission work is gladly accepted.  Working directly with Keith you would jointly determine the project goals, location/subject, timelines, output, fees, and other logistics prior to execution.  From there it's ready, set, go.........please contact us if interested.


Q:  Is Random-AZ-Images on social media?

A:  Yes, there are links in the lower right portion of the page, or we can be found on Instagram under the name @randomazimages or on Facebook by searching "Random-AZ-Images"